94fifty Smart Sensor Basketball Review

In playing basketball, you need so much of precision. You have to put too much effort to make everything perfect—from dribbling to shooting.  Perfect requires particular amount of backspin, quick release and arc. And this can be achieved through the help of an excellent coach, practicing, determination and perseverance. You should do every move on the right way so you have nothing to worry  when you are in the game proper.

But these days,   these mechanics can be acquired through the power of innovation and technology.  One of their latest inventions is 94fifty Smart Sensor Basketball under InfoMotion Sports.  This is quite straightforward since it is basketball, which have sensors within.  These sensors are responsible for measuring your dribbling and shot. Then,  it will the send data right on your smartphone thru Bluetooth. Here, your data is being analysed right away and gives feedback on real time.

Sensor Basketball Review

What’s included?

Bluetooth and rechargeable battery is included.   This is to communicate with your phone wirelessly within 90 feet. Its ball work along  with a  certain app which displays your results. And take note, you may also upgrade the sensors of the ball  when the new abilities can be availed.

In connection with this, app acts whenever the rubber would meet the gym or asphalt floor.   You could also set up account as well as track your progress. You may also track the improvement of your friends and colleagues, not exceeding of four.   In addition to this, it also has the capability of tracking a particular guest , which can be perfect for  a match up although  their information can’t be saved at all.

Meanwhile, the app will display the total number  of shots and dribbles as soon as you activate and pair it with the ball. It is an ideal way of  helping people out there increase  their hunger for accomplishment within period of time. Its main menu will provide you seven options namely workout, dashboard , skill training, head to head, player settings, social challenge and ball settings.  Most of the time, player would consume lots of time for Workout. On the other hand,  if you want a competition  then it is better if  you will choose Head to Head Mode. Built-in social component is also a good way to  create connection with other players via tweet or video.

94fifty Basketball Review

 Hands-free  aspect of this app is quite amazing also.  If you are shooting, it will actually talks with you so you would know the way you do your last shot and  adjust immediately. Such function intrigued so many  people  since  they are interested  about  what’s happening in the court.

As a conclusion, the main objective here of 94fifty Smart Sensor Basketball is to help you improve your performance  inside the court.  Do you  think  this is  just some sort of marketing gimmick?  That’s a big no! Go buy one and d try it for yourself!

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