Coin 2.0: Digital Credit Card Organizer Review

Coin: Digital Credit Card Review

Coin 2.0 is a kind of secure smart device that appears like a credit card but holds all the cards a person have in one which includes debit, credit, and gift as well as loyalty card. It allows a person to swipe or tap those cards in the millions of merchants found all over the United States. While it shares the same factor as a credit card, it also features a certain enhancement like an single button and an electronic display in order to allow the process of switching simple between the different cards. Aside from that, it also adapts in the evolvement of the payment technology by offering a future ready ubiquity in a powerful and small package. Its features also help in keeping the information of its user safe and secured. Its auto unlock make sure that it can be used with the last known location in order to help the user kind their Coin 2.0 if ever they lose it anywhere.

Product Features

  • Coin 2.0 has a weight of 2.0 ounces and with a shipping weight of 4.8 ounces
  • It can hold up to 8 cards in one single card
  • By tapping and swiping, a user can pay millions of merchants
  • It has an enhanced security with the last known location and auto unlock
  • In order to verify the identity,  SSS number is required

Coin: Digital Credit Card Organizer Review


  • It is convenient to use because of its lightweight simplicity
  • It has an intensive security because of its last known location and auto unlock feature
  • It has a merchant compatibility where it can be used at gas stations, corner stores, parking meters, ATMs, restaurants, grocery stores, big name retailers and so on and so forth
  • It has a coin reward for all the things that you love
  • It has a tap to pay convenience


Because of the excellent features that this Coin 2.0 has to offer, it cost a large amount of money in order to get one. Aside from that, it can only be used all the area of the United States and not internationally.

Those people who already have their Coin 2.0 are very much satisfied and happy with the convenience that they get from it. Aside from that, they are also confident about its security because of its great security features. Most of them find it easier and faster to pay their bills wherever they want to all over the area of United States.

So if you are living in the United States and you also want to experience the great features that Coin 2.0 has to offer, then you should get your own now. With the extreme convenience that it brings and with the fast and easy transaction it has to offer, you can rest assure that you are going to get a convenient way of transacting your bills by just doing simple swipes and taps. So get your own Coin 2.0 now in order for you to personally experience the great things it has to offer.

Coin: Digital Credit Card Review

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