Neelam® Y01 Child Tracker Preview


Neelam® Y01 Child Tracker Preview is a watch like child tracker especially designed for the security of children. It comes with a great design and excellent feature in order to make  sure that it keeps fashionable, wearable and useful at the same time.

Product Features:

-Neelam® Y01 Child Tracker Preview is consist of GPS plus LBs plus WiFi triple mode for accurate positioning

  • It can playback the walking routine of the children and know where they are gone
  • It has an award for warm heart wherein you can choose the number of the red hearts that you need and then send to watch it and it is going to display the numbers as well as the warm hearts
  • It provides a low power warning. When its battery is already 20 percent and lower, an alert is going to happen. Aside from that, it also sends an alert message in order to monitor the number
  • It provides a real-time check on the watch location with a real-time app that monitors the movement of the children
  • It has a number of working mode where you can choose from its working model based on the situation that you have such as how often the times that you want to get the information the you need
  • It also helps in monitoring the health of a children by counting steps, the quality of the sleep, the sports journey, the amount of exercise and so on and so forth
  • It also has an SOS alarm that will display SOS on the screen. The watch is going to be on its alert state and its circular dial 3 SOS numbers for two is going to help it stop when it has been answered. If not, it will continue. Aside from that, it also send a message in order to monitor a number and send an alert notification to the App.
  • It has a voice monitor the gives voice monitor command

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This Neelam® Y01 Child Tracker Preview is truly a great help in order to monitor the security of the kids whenever they are out for school or if they are just going to play outside with their playmates. With it advanced features, it makes it easier to monitor the behavior of the kids.


Since Neelam® Y01 Child Tracker Preview is just new in the market yet it is proven very helpful in monitoring the children; it cost a huge amount of money.

Those parents who already purchased this Neelam® Y01 Child Tracker Preview find it very useful in monitoring the security of their kids whenever they are not at home. They feel less worried about their kids because with the help of this product, they can easily identify where their kids are and what they’re doing.

So if you are a parent and you also want to monitor the security of your kids every time they are going to went out home, then this Neelam® Y01 Child Tracker Preview is a great thing to have because of the great help it has to offer.


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