Tile (Gen 2): Bluetooth Item Finder Review

Tile Bluetooth Tracker Review

Are you already fed up misplacing you stuffs such as car keys, wallet, bike or even mobile phone?   You are not alone.  It is one reason why you need to find an easier solution so you can locate them right away.

Thanks to technology and genius minds of the society, they already got the answer—Tile (Gen 2). Finally, you are not anymore going to experience panic moments whenever you lose your valuable items.

What is it?

Tile is known to be a Bluetooth gadget, which can help everyone find whatever he or she loses. Its first launch in the market is said to be   during 2014.  After that, its second generation came out during 2014, which is loaded with so many updates. It includes speaker, which is 3x louder right at 90 decibels. Before, it is so difficult to hear when there is a moderate and ambient noise.  Aside from that, you may now utilize this gadget when you are looking for your mobile phone.  It is approximately 5.5 m and 2x thicker than an ordinary key as well as wider than majority of key fobs.  Recently, already an Android App of it needs Android 4.4 or the most recent ones.  Also, you could use this with an iPad and iPhone. This is free so no worries at all. Furthermore, it is easy to pair with.

Tile Bluetooth Item Finder Review

 How does it work?

When you lose something, which you know Tile is attached with it, explore the last location of the object and then start looking for it. With the range of Bluetooth 4.0 LE, which can reach up to 150 ft., you don’t need to go right on the top of Tile just to connect with it.

An “Out of Range” Alert will be displayed not unless it is within the range. However, as soon as it connects, there would be a visible green button. It will cause the gadget to play Donkey Kong-style   that can be too loud. If the environment is quite enough, you can find it as easy as a pie but if it is as busy as sidewalks,  well, good luck on your searching mission.

On the other hand,   if you decided to return on the very last place that the object was seen and still it is out of range, you could shift on other options.  However, it will all depend on other users of Tile. It is known as Community Find.  It is a good and helpful system. Once  a  Tile app is running an up on a tablet or phone of anyone, this automatically logs  every Tile user it could detect. However, despite of these benefits,  there are  still some drawbacks.  And battery life is one of them.    The lifespan of the battery is about a year  and it is not replaceable.

To sum this up, Tile is not anymore to our society. But then  what makes it more intriguing is its Bluetooth as well as GPS tracker. Thus, if you know  that you are clumsy enough to lose  things out  often, it would be great for you to buy one.

Tile (Gen 2) Review

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